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Avoid Being in the Great Fire of London!

Avoid Being in the Great Fire of London!


As if the plague wasn't bad enough, here comes the fiery antidote! As famous diary-keeper Samuel Pepys, you'll witness four days and four nights of fire and live to tell the tale. Find out how people lived in the London of 1666, how they coped in the aftermath and all importantly, whodunnit! - or at least who we think dunnit! "The Danger Zone" is a constantly-growing library of over 50 exciting titles which transport the reader to the grisliest times and places in history. The first-person narrative approach puts the reader in the shoes (or sandals or army boots or cloth sacks) of some of the most unfortunate people ever to have lived - from pyramid builders to viking explorers, from medieval knights to the crew of the Titanic.

Author:   Pipe, Jim

Publisher: Salariya Book Company Ltd
ISBN: 1906714673

Cover:  Paperback

Key Stage:  2

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