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Katie and the Bathers

Katie and the Bathers


Join Katie as five famous Pointillist paintings come alive for her! On a hot, sunny day, a painting of some bathers in a cool river proves too tempting for Katie, and so she dives straight into the picture! But Katie doesn't just cause a splash - she causes a flood! Paddling with new friends might be fun, but how will Katie stop the water pouring into the gallery? A wonderful introduction and explanation of the Pointillist art style, featuring five masterpieces from three famous artists: Bathers at Asnieres by Georges Seurat Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat Port of Honfleur by Georges Seurat Woman Hanging up the Washing by Camille Pissarro Portrait of Felix Feneon by Paul Signac.

Author:   Mayhew, James

Publisher: Orchard
ISBN: 1843620359

Cover:  Paperback

Key Stage:  F/1

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