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Book Fairs

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Hosting a book fair is a great way to support your school's reading efforts...

Every School and Catchment Area is different. Our Consultants take into account your children and will provide a literacy based Book Fair tailored to your School and offer guidance and experience. We organise everything on the day from the setting up of over 800 quality books for the children to handle and select, all cash and book reconciliation, we stay after school until the last parent goes and then we pack up! No cases to store-no extra staff to get in to help.

We are not tied to a single publisher, we offer a quality selection with "Hot off the press" and favourite titles. Our display includes Fiction and Non-fiction books, Activity, Learning Exercises and Poetry. Prices range from £1 to £7.99, so there really is something to inspire and suit all tastes. 

We do all the work for you.

  • Personal prefair visit to get the details right on selection and design a book event which may include poetry reading or author discussions and smooth running on the day.
  • We provide the money envelopes and posters.
  • Set up the display and run the book fair.
  • Conduct the selling and cash handling.
  • Give advice on selection and new titles.Encourage children to handle the books stimulating interest.
  • Generous commisson is given on all book sales. This can be used on the day or we can order in titles you need from our range of publishers.

We can support Parents Evenings or School Events. Whatever your requirements and your past experiences of book schemes and promotions, you will find us a refreshing change.  

Frequently Asked Questions

"Can I hold a book fair and relax?"
"Yes the fair will be staffed for you with personal attention and knowledge for the entire event. Setting up, selling during the day and after school to parents and clearing away will all be done for you. No after event work or book deliveries to sort out."

"So you don't have many books then?"
"Well, actually, a Primary Book fair will have on display over 800 different titles to meet a wide range of ages and interest-pre school, infant, junior, young teens, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, activity, multi-cultural, special needs and education books. Plus extra material pertinent to school topics and projects."

"Lots of discounted stock, "own brands" and cheap horror stories I suppose?"
"No- relax - a literacy based book fair offering quality books selected from a range of top publishers like Puffin, Walker, DK, Collins, Bloomsbury, OUP, Macmillan and others. And no, there will definitely not be any cheap horror or "teenage" fiction."

"Expensive then?"
"We know that books are getting expensive, the book prices range from £1.00 for mini picture books to a few reference books and poetry anthologies at £7.99 but most books are between £3.99 and £5.99."

"Whats the catch?"
"We dont think there is one"

"Surely the school has to do something for all this"
"Well yes. A room will be needed-the hall or library would probably be best- and some tables and"

"And what?"
"Someone will need to choose the free books that the school is taking in commission. These can be selected from the books on display or, if you like big books, resource packs or sets they can be ordered."

"What a great way to end the day-choosing books I really like without touching the budget! Is there anything else I ought to know?
"The fair will be run by your local Primary Books Consultant who will make a brief visit to the school a few weeks before the book fair to discuss the arrangements (venue, times and so on). Publicity material such as posters, invitations, money envelopes and information that would be useful in a newsletter will all be provided. This planning visit will help ensure the smooth running of the day."