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Gandhi by Anna Claybourne (Author)

Gandhi by Anna Claybourne (Author)


This book charts the fascinating life of Mahatma Gandhi, president of the Indian National Congress and peaceloving protestor for independence. Born to a Hindu family in India in 1869, Gandhi devoted his life to politics and non-violent protest. After training in London and working as a lawyer in South Africa, Gandhi returned to India where he set about creating independence from British rule.

After protest marches, hunger strikes and prison sentences, India finally achieved independence in 1947. However, as the book explains, the creation of Pakistan for Muslims led to Muslim/Hindu tension, partition and much bloodshed, events leading to the tragic assassination of Gandhi in 1948. Contains quotation panels, including letters and diary extracts.

Also includes a date chart, glossary and index.

Publisher: Wayland

ISBN: 9780750255714



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