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The Story of You (Paperback) Anna Claybourne (author)

The Story of You (Paperback) Anna Claybourne (author)


Why do some people have blue eyes and others, green? Why are some people good at music, and others at sport? And why do some people love seafood, and others HATE olives? The Story of You has the answers!

From genetics and evolution to our environment and our families, the book looks at all the factors that shape us into the people we are. It explains how physical characteristics and abilities are passed down through generations, and why some things are inherited and others not. It explores how evolution has shaped us as a species, and at how the world we live in has impacted on and shaped us.

It also looks at intelligence, where it comes from, and how we learn. The brain and the mind are explored, as are concepts such as personality, how we build relationships with other people, and how and why we form memories. The science behind all this is complex, but Anna Claybourne's clear, simple text renders it both accessible and of real interest to children - this is an invaluable resource for helping them to understand both the world and their place within it.

Publisher: Hachette Children's Group
ISBN: 9781526300263
Number of pages: 48
Weight: 232 g
Dimensions: 286 x 208 x 6 mm



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