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Why Space Matters To Me

Why Space Matters To Me

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Have you ever wondered what is going on right above your head? Space is closer than you think and you'll be surprised by how much it affects your life on Earth. So get on board and join this eye-opening journey into the solar system to discover how and why space matters to you. Astrophysicist Colin Stuart gives talks to more than 10,000 children every year so he knows what exactly what intrigues and puzzles children about space, and he has had lots of experience explaining big concepts in a simple but engaging way. Covering topics such as stardust, weather, seasons, tides, navigation and more, Colin explains the many ways that space is linked to life on Earth. Information is presented in a captivating and personable way, and this unique angle on a popular subject builds on the natural curiosity that children have about the world around them.

Publisher: Egmont UK Ltd
ISBN: 9781405282871
Number of pages: 48
Weight: 258 g
Dimensions: 268 x 215 x 5 mm

Author: Colin Stuart

Illustrator: Nick Chaffe

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